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SF Beer Week Events! Drake's sister brewpubs, Triple Rock & Jupiter are holding two barrel-aged beer nights during the week. In this post we'll talk about the first one........


Both Jupiter & Triple Rock will be pouring a vast array of barrel-aged sours, this Sunday February 8th. Drake's will be there with some great beers that Josh & Brian have been aging.

Port Barrel-Aged Stout with Cherries This is Drake's Imperial Stout, aged 5.5 years on top of cherries in a port cask. Aromas of cherries, raisins and oak, with an earthy flavor and sour finish. This beer will be served at Triple Rock

Port Barrel-Aged Stout with Blueberries Same Imperial Stout brew, also in the cask for five and a half years, but aged with blueberries. Similar oak and aged characters as the cherry beer, but blueberry flavors stand out in the aroma & flavor. Full bodied, with a sour, and crisp, finish. This beer will be served at Triple Rock

Its Fity Part Deux Here's a description from Brian: "Fity % 2.5 yrs barrel-aged BrettAmber and Fity % 1 yr barrel-aged Belgian Tripel (aged in seperate barrels). Drake's BrettAmber is a lightly-hopped American Amber Style ale (5.8% original ABV) that is brewed with brown and chocolate malts, then aged 2.5 years in a Merlot barrel and infused with Brettanomyces yeast (in mid 2006). Its deep and robust mustiness is a result of taking on quite a bit of the barrel's characteristics. The balancing remainder of the mix in "It's Fity" is a Belgian Tripel (8.5% original ABV), which is brewed with additions of sugars, biscuit malt, and rye malt. The Tripel is aged 1 year in a Grenache barrel with no additional yeast infused. It is starting to really take on some sourness from the barrel as well. Together they present a perfect mixture of two distinctly different styles of beer." This beer will be served at Jupiter

These Drake's sours will be served with a variety of other local & imported sours at Triple Rock & Jupiter on Sunday, from 1 pm til the beer runs out! Twenty bucks buys you a logo tasting glass and four pours of any style at either location. Four bucks per pour after that. For info on Jupiter visit To learn more about Triple Rock go to

-- The Drake

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