Wednesday, March 4, 2009



Josh & I wanted to do a beer that explored the subtle aspects of rye, such as it's mouth feel, aroma, and augmentative flavors in a tasty beverage.

Drake's Dry Rye is a clean American rye ale, made with just under 30% Rye to allow the subtleties of rye to come out entirely. Furthermore we wanted to combine the complementary qualities of American Centennial and Amarillo flavor hops. When more than 20% of a recipe has rye in it, there's a distinct oiliness to the beer, which in this case we wanted to combine it with the hop oiliness from essential oils that beer enthusiasts know very well already.

But, it doesn't stop there; it is pretty well-known that rye has been typically added to beer to impart a dry mouth feel, but it can add other interesting aspects to a beer. Some people say that there's a bit of light spiciness and herbal qualities from the grain. Others say there's a slight sourness when the grain is used in beer. There's also the different creamy head on it as well. One of of the Drake's brewers (which one, I wonder?) is somewhat of a hophead .... so one day he said to himself, "why not join some of the similar qualities of the two ingredients in an exploration of rye and hops together"? This beer is the result. Hope you like it!

Drake's Dry Rye will be available in better bay beer bars soon! We'll give an update on this blog where you can find it.

Thanks for reading! -- Brian


  1. The beer sounds tasty!!! Would you be able to post on your blog what is availalbe in Kegs for dock sales? Also was that Porter a one off? I certainly hope not as it was truly amazing.

  2. The porter is a year round beer. The rye is a one-off for now, though perhaps something like that will become seasonal. Rye is available via dock sales.

  3. Pretty sure the list of pubs is similar to the Denogginizer release, so look at that. Just re-tasted it over a Pete's Brass Rail in Danville today (3/21/09) and had it last week at Barclay's while talking to a couple of other brewers. Tasting very niiiice (Borat voice).

    I noticed today that it's *still* drying out and clearing out while it is in the keg. I did a double take when I saw how much it settled (no additives were added to clear the beer). The dryness was incredible the second time around.

    In the future, I'll ask John to pretty much add pubs/restaurants for particular seasonals or one-offs as they take them. I am sure there'll be a difference or two (or seven) between each release.