Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nyack Barleywine 2011- get it while it's hot... and it's hot

Drake's Nyack Barleywine is ready to roll out for the season.

Nyack is a big beer to fight back the chill of winter... not that the Bay Area has seen much winter weather these last few days, but I'm sure it will descend upon us once again...

Originally brewed in San Francisco at 20 Tank Brewery (1989-2000), this beer is all about revival. San Francisco's emblem has a phoenix on it to symbolize how the city has risen from the ashes many times over.

And so became Nyack Barleywine, a beer that stands for the city of San Francisco, and is rising out of the ashes of 20 Tank Brewery.

At 12% ABV, this ruby-red American Strong Ale tops itself off and invites you in with a white, frothy head. It's deep roasty, caramel mouthfeel combines with strong citrus esters on your palate. This is a Big beer with Big flavors of malt, hops &
heat!!! We used closed to 2000 lbs of different malts to make up the grist, and a total of 25 lbs of hops (Magnum, Centennial, Chinook). Enjoy a glass of Bay Area history, enjoy Nyack Barleywine. We suggest that it be served in a half-pint snifter or goblet.


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