Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DENOGGINIZER Now available!

Welcome to The Drake's Brewery Blog!

A great way to start the new Drake's blog, is to announce the 2009 release of Drake's Denogginizer!  Next to our Jolly Roger holiday seasonal, Denogginizer is Drake's most anticipated beer of the year.  

What is is:  Drake's Denogginizer is a big, bold, Imperial IPA. Hopped with an abundant amount of Simcoe & Amarillo, with a touch of Ahtanum & Chinook.  Mashed with Crystal malt and Caramalt for color and flavor, and to help balance out the hop assault.  Denog is our most powerful regular offering, at a whopping 10% ABV and 100 IBUs!

History:  Denogginizer was first brewed in 2004 by Rodger Davis & Josh Miner.  The name came about due to a little issue during fermentation.....  The brewers came in one morning to find that their new double IPA had developed a serious problem.  The huge amount of hops in the fermenter (dry-hopped) had clogged the pressure relief valve (PRV) of the tank.  This caused a rather worrisome pressure increase.  Something had to done ... and fast.  After a quick roshambo with Rodger, Josh found himself on a ladder at the top of the tank preparing to pop the tri-clover clamp to release the PRV..... and the pressure.  The resulting lift-off of the PRV (and subsequent ricochets)  cause Rodger to crack the wry remark (as only Rodger can) .... that Josh just about got "de-noggin-ized".  So, of course, after this experience they had the name for their new Imperial IPA!  (No brewers were hurt creating this brand name.)  The story has a great ending though....  in 2005, Drake's Denogginizer was chosen as the best beer at The Bistro Double IPA Festival.  It was all worth it...  (eh, Josh?).

Where you can find it:  This week Denogginizer can be found on tap in the East Bay and SF at: Ben & Nick's, Barclay's, The Trappist, Triple Rock, The Bistro, EJ Phair, Toronado, Fireside, Bear's Lair, Jupiter, Cato's, Looney's Smokehouse, Meridian, Porky's Pizza Palace, & Lucky's Pizza. (If your planning to visit one of these pubs to try a Denogginizer, call first to make sure they still have it on tap.)

-- The Drake


  1. Denogginizer has quickly become a favorite beer on tap at Mission Pizza in Fremont (near 680 and Washington). Check it out!

  2. My girlfriend loves your Denogginizer, she had two and thought she had way more fun than usual. A great way to introuduce her to Porkys Pizza and your supercharged beer.


  4. Heh... I like the name. converter likes it too.