Wednesday, January 21, 2009


A quick note on beer available to buy at the brewery.....  Drake's is happy to offer cases & kegs of Drake's beers at great prices, "off the dock". 

CASES:  Drop by Thursday & Friday afternoons and pick up some cases of Drake's beers here at the brewery!  For the winter season, and because we aren't holding the Friday Tastings, we are offering Drake's Blonde, Amber, and IPA for $25 a case (plus tax & crv).   Hefeweizen will be back in bottles in a few weeks at the same price. Come in soon!  Once we start up the Friday Tastings again, these prices will probably have to go up a bit.  We also have Drake's Imperial Stout available in 500 ml bottles for $5.00, or in cases of 12 for $57.00

KEGS:  15.5 gallon kegs of Drake's beers are also available for pick-up off the dock.  Right now we have in stock our Blonde, Amber, IPA 1500 and Hefeweizen.  We do keep a few 5 & 7.9 gallon kegs in stock, but you might want to call first, as we often run out.  We have a very limited supply of picnic taps available.

WHAT NO GROWLERS?  We are presently putting together a new fill area at the brewery. We expect growlers will be available in the coming weeks.  We'll post to this blog once Growlers are back!

Thanks for reading!  -- The Drake


  1. Hi Drakes,
    Are you guys still around? Would you like to come to Soroptimist of Healdsburg's 23rd Annual Beer in the Plaza on Sept. 12, 2009?
    I'd love to send you more info. It's a great charity event.

    Joan Collingwood

  2. Hey Guy's
    Here is some Hohest Feed Back.. ready .. read on..
    Last Thursday at Jupiter, Berkeley "Stamm-Tisch", the usuall suspects. I happen to "explore" the drakes 12% stout, slightly bitter, it said on the describtion.
    Man!! it blew my sences (in a discusting twist) it tasted like " Drain Cleaner" sorry Guy's EN-O-TEE a winner. It definetely takes a chip away from my Love for Drake's brews
    Which I usually buy " blind" and drink " to the highest enjoyment" just for the richness of original tastes You Guy's create.

    Best Regards
    Heiko D.